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Get kids to Recycle?

Get kids to Recycle?

Recycling is very important when it comes to environmental conservation. This is because it helps you to save money and resources in hopes of protecting our planet. Teaching your children how to recycle can be interesting, but from what we find most kids take to it like water. That being said, some kids do it for totally into it for a few days and then forget about it.

Talking to the young children about recycling can be very crucial. The best way is to involve your family members or the surrounding society on the practice of green energy. The best way to do this is by encouraging older children or teenagers to put into practicality what they have learned on the subject.  Usually it is a monkey see monkey do kind of thing. If the younger kids see the older kids do it, they often want to take part as well. (more…)

Whats the Deal with Globe Warming?

Whats the Deal with Globe Warming?

The question of globe warming and its effects is a widely debated topic. This is an issue that may be termed as an insidious anthropogenic disaster. It is generally the documented historical near-the earth surface warming. It came into existence in the mid 20th century and has been progressive at a very unprecedented alarming rate. It is synonymous with climate change but quite different as climate is an identified state of nature persisting for a decade or longer but globe warming is a combined effect of solar irradiance change and man made green house gases.

How does globe warming occur?

The green house gases act like a blanket bringing a similar effect as the glass panes of a green house walls and reflect the light that the earth radiates into space. Most of the radiations will be absorbed by the clouds, earth surface and the atmosphere. The earth surface then reflects the heat back in space as infra red radiation. For a constant temperature to be maintained the rate at which the earth emits energy into space out to equal the rate it absorbs the sun energy. The refusal to allow a certain amount of terrestrial radiation to elapse brings along the green house effect that keeps the earth’s average surface temperature ranging at around 60F (15C). (more…)

How to Enjoy Mother Nature in Your ...

p>There's just something about the environment that seems to soothe the human spirit naturally. This is why a lot of retirees choose to take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of Mother Nature. It's got a therapeutic effect and enables them to feel more relaxed, healthier, and younger.

Engage in Gardening

If you want to be closer to nature, you can try gardening even if you feel that you don't have a green thumb. Actually, a lot of old people are surprised to discover that they actually have the knack for it or that this hobby can in fact be very absorbing and interesting. Not only will you have fun in the process, but you can boost the overall appeal of your home and even save up on groceries if you grow vegetables in your backyard.

Indulge in Outdoor Activities

Biking, camping, hiking, swimming, and so many other outdoor activities await you! Depending on your age and physical capacity, indulging in these undertakings will certainly enhance your overall health and make you look and feel younger.

These days, there are plenty of innovative activities that may suit your fancy and let you enjoy your retirement years in the outdoors. Sign up for yoga at a nearby lake or beach or join a camping club for seniors! It's up to you. Open your eyes and grab the opportunities.

Live Amid Natural Surroundings

Can you picture yourself settling for good in a forest log cabin or waking up every single day to the view of the scenic beach from your balcony? Indeed there are plenty of individuals and couples who opt to buy retirement homes in the countryside, in the mountains, or by the beach.

For instance, studies in the UK show that a lot of Nottingham seniors enjoy life amid natural surroundings. Should you decide to purchase a home, make sure to double-check for repairs and to have everything renovated. Also ensure your safety by having the locks replaced by a locksmith Nottingham residents trust (, these guys are true professionals that enjoy giving the best service possible.

Even the elderly homes in Canada are usually located in places surrounded by the marvelous beauty of nature! If you're going to stay in one, be sure to pick a nice, cozy facility where you can enjoy the pleasures of the environment on a daily basis.

Flowers Flowers Everywhere!

Flowers Flowers Everywhere!

If you really think about flowers, you'll realize that they are an extremely important part of our lives and our understanding of beauty and aestheticism. In their natural state they are used in many different ways. They are used as decoration. They are used to represent love and affection. They are used as a sign of honor at funerals. They are used as a sign of appreciation or celebration. They are even used to set off an amazing first date! They are potted and planted to line our streets and sidewalks. They are picked and arranged for our mantles. They are dried out and adorned with perfume. The list of what flowers are used for can go on and on. But that's just in their natural state! 

Flowers in the "Abstract" 
Flowers are used in their physical state for many of the reasons listed above as well as many more; however, in the "abstract" flowers are also used in our daily lives over and over again. Flowers can be found as patterns on anything from window drapes, to clothing prints, to sheets and bed spreads. At Weddings, "flower girls" are traditionally part of the procession, and are expected to walk down the aisle in their flower girl dresses and adorn the aisle with petals for the bride to walk on! Flowers are often the subject of many paintings and drawings, as well. Art seems particularly enthralled with the abstract conception of flowers or floral arrangements. 

The Most Famous Flowers
There is arguably not any one flower that is the "best". Beauty is relative and so, often people will have flowers they like more than others, but overall, no one flower is better than another. It's really all about what you are trying to say. For instance, if you want to tell someone you love them, a romantic partner perhaps, a dozen red roses would be your best option. If you want, however, to bring a smile to a friend's face "Just Because" you may want to choose something a little more eclectic and bright! An arrangement of daises and lilacs perhaps! 

Summer “Vacays” that Bring You Closer to Nature

Summer “Vacays” that Br...

When the Summer hits, it seems like all of us get cabin fever! Staying inside is simply not an option when the Sun is shining and the sky is clear. Sure, during the cold Winter months you can get away with staying in and snuggling up to a good book, but when the seasons shift, it's time to get out and experience all Mother Nature has to offer. Summer is also a time for some much needed relaxation. Many families and couples take vacations in the Summer as a way to celebrate the hard work they've put in over the months gone by. 

Planning a vacation that centers strongly around Mother Nature is a way to not only relax and enjoy some down time, but is a way to connect with the environment on a healthy and spiritual level. There are many "vacation ideas" that can bring you closer to the natural world around you. Here are some ideas straight from Mother Nature, herself, that should get you rejuvenated and get your chakras in line for the year ahead! 

1.) Yoga Retreats: Whether you are a beginning "yogi" or you've got your downward dog "perfect", a yoga retreat is a great idea. Many yoga retreats last for around a week and give you the opportunity to not only get in touch with yourself and your health but also your surrounding environment and overall well-being. 

2.) Cruises: If you want to set your sights on a trip the whole family can enjoy, a cruise may be the perfect solution for you and your family. Bask in the sun on the high seas as your kids safely take in all the ship has to offer. With port-stops and opportunities to snorkel and take part in other aquatic activities, you can book your own "adventure of a lifetime." River cruises are a great alternative to the hustle and bustle that ocean cruises are known for. European river cruises are smaller and offer a more intimate experience while floating down the river. 

3.) Hiking Trips: Set out with a group and tackle a mountain! Make sure to take all the proper safety precautions and prepare thoroughly prior to setting out on a trail. Take in the beautiful scenery nature has to offer while pushing yourself and your boundaries to new heights! 

Travel through Life!

Travel through Life!

Traveling is an important part of life. It can open your eyes to new places and experiences you never even knew existed. Traveling can provide you with an escape from the normal mundane tasks that life forces all of us to complete. The best part about traveling is the potential to meet individuals, who like you, share a passion for new and exciting experiences. Often times, we find ourselves in a routine and work schedule that keeps us from branching out and learning about the world around us. That is why traveling is so important to an enriched and fulfilling life. If you have been wanting to take a vacation and travel to a new place you've never been to before, there are many options available to you.

Where to Go?

When traveling or planning a vacation there are often two things that can keep you from going on the trip of a lifetime: time and money. The time it actually takes to plan a trip shouldn't go unnoticed. Planning is important. You will be traveling to a new place that you've never been to before. You don't want to end up forfeiting quality for spontaneity. There are a few options that have a sort of "built-in" plan already in place. All-inclusive resort packages, cruise packages and river packages are all examples of trips that are loosely planned out for your convenience. That doesn't mean you can't continue your adventure while on them. But they do give you an outline and an overall idea of your trip.

What's Right For You?

All-inclusive packages allow you to take advantage of your time in a new place without having to research too much on your own accord. If you are someone who enjoys the sea, cruise packages could be the perfect fit for you or your family. River cruises are a lesser known but just as enjoyable investment if you want to take your trip to the next level of comfort! Enjoy relaxation while "rolling on the river" while still being able to take considerable time to check out the surrounding cities your river boat stops in. You can avoid long lines and larger groups by opting for a river cruise over a larger cruise ship. To find out more about European River Cruises click here

Summer Has Arrived!

Summer Has Arrived!

When Summer hits it's usually a time to get rid of some of your old stuff and revamp everything from your kitchen to your closet! Making small adjustments and changes to your home and life are a way of restarting and getting into the swing of the new season. Starting out fresh can seem like a daunting task but really it only takes a few small adjustments to get yourself on the right track. Here are some useful tips to doing a mini-makeover for the Summer!

Useful Tips!

1.) Clean Out The Fridge! Take a minute to go through anything you haven't eaten or won't use in the near future. Then make a list of some new healthier options to kick start your Summer. Stocking up on fruits and veggies is a cost-effective and healthy way to kickstart your metabolism and start feeling better about yourself for the hot weather.

2.) Spice Up the Decor When Summer hits so do the sales! Now is a perfect time to make some small changes to your living space. Whether you want to purchase a few new candles or go so far as to invest in a few new furniture items… making small additions to your home can really create a new and inviting vibe for the Summer breeze.

3.) Revamp Your Wardrobe Maybe it's time for you to go through your closet and get rid of that old sweater and heavy jacket! They're so last season anyway! Now is the perfect time to skim through your closet and fill up a few bags. Taking your old clothes to a thrift shop and donating them is a great way to give back and make room for some new wardrobe selections! Going through your kids closets is a great way to get rid of their old clothes that don't quite fit anymore. After all, how many times can you really wash out those grass stains?

Making a few formal dress purchases for upcoming events such as weddings, graduations, parties etc. is great way to plan ahead for those functions that you know will be coming up soon! Flower girl dresses and other formal event dresses should be in every girls closet! Investing in them now is a great way to spice up the Summer for your little one. Click here to check out some beautiful budget-friendly dresses from GirlSee!

My Reasons for Moving Back to the C...

I am a chiropractor who has been practicing in the country for about twenty years now. Although I spent some time in the city, I went back to my hometown in the country. There are many reasons as to why I made such a move. In this post, I am going to talk about why I decided to go back to the country. By doing so, I hope to be able to clarify some things, as well as get people from the city to actually consider moving to the country.

There are many reasons as to why I decided to move back to the country, and one of them happens to be the fact that I have a lot of free time here. Since I have a lot of free time, I am able to indulge in many non-work related activities, unlike my peers in the city. One of the things that I do in my spare time is home improvement. Improving the state of my home to make it more beautiful and functional really makes me happy. Of course, I don’t go at it alone. I do get professional help sometimes. Just recently, I hired a licensed plumber Toronto citizens trust to take care of my home’s plumbing problems. Due to plumbing problems, there was just too much moisture in some parts of the house, and this prevented me from installing modifications to them. The plumber I hired is one of the best Toronto plumbers, though, so dealing with my home’s plumbing problems was very easy for him.

Of course, having time for hobbies isn’t the only reason I moved back to the country. The biggest reason as to why I moved back to the country happens to be my wanting to provide the best care for my family. Sure, chiropractors in the city tend to earn a lot more than those in the country, but it also often comes at the cost of not being able to spend time with one’s family. Spending time with one’s family is very important. No matter how much one earns, if one doesn’t make an effort to bond with their family, they won’t be able to have a good relationship with them and provide a great environment for growing up to their children.

A third reason as to why I moved back to the country is the great outdoors. The city is no place for a man like me. I need to be able to wake up to the sight of glorious mountains and the cool breeze of the country. Also, I like being able to go on biking trips on the mountainside every weekend. City folk might find country life boring and slow-paced, but I like it that way. I like to be able to appreciate the beauty of nature at my own pace. Life in the country is really good. I’m not saying it is for everyone, but it could be for you. The least you can do is discern whether life in the country is good for you. By doing such a thing, you will be able to know where you truly belong.

Hiking in the Great Outdoors: Your Boots

Hiking in the Great Outdoors: Your ...

With winter drawing to a close, you might already have started planning for your next camping or hiking holiday. That’s great! This short article offers some practical advice on picking what are probably the most important piece of equipment that you need for your trip: your hiking boots. I know you’ve probably heard people say, “Don’t skimp on your boots,” enough times to make you cry. The trouble, despite the fact that you’re sick of hearing it, is that it’s very good advice. Often, however, the problem is that people don’t know how to pick good boots, not that they’re unwilling to spend a bit of extra cash. Follow these simple steps and you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong boots again. The wonderful thing is that you don’t need to spend a bucket!

Determine Your Hiking Activity: There are, generally speaking, three types of walking boots. They are low, mid and high cut. Which boot you need will be dependent upon the king of hiking activity that you’re going to be doing. If all you’re planning to do is lounge around camp then you wont need anything more than a pair of walking shoes. These are like typical sneakers with stronger soles and a little more protection. If you’re planning on getting out onto the trail, but for no longer than a day or two, you need to move up to mid-cut boots. These will have a thicker, but still soft, sole and offer a little more protection around your feet. Finally, if you’re planning to do some pretty hardcore walking then you need to get a high-cut rugged pair of boots that are going to protect your from the rough environment underfoot and also support your ankles.

Make Sure They Fit: It’s relatively easy to check if a boot fits or not. If you have access to somebody who knows how to measure your feet then make good use of them! Lots of stores have trained fitters. Once you know your size you can place your foot onto the top of the boot and judge if there’s enough width and length. Walk around the store paying close attention to any movement in the heel area. You want to make sure that there’s almost no movement in the heel. Slipping is the most common cause of blisters. If you do decide to buy them it’s worth wearing them at home for a few weeks just to make double sure that they’re not going to cause any blisters.

Look After Them: A good pair of boots should last for many years. Invest in some good leather wax and treat them regularly. This will make sure that the leather doesn’t dry out and that they retain the waterproofing.

For an in-depth look at some of the best lower-priced walking boots on the market you can check out these comparisons. Merrell also has a lot of cheap options. My favourites are these bad boys. Ok, you now have all the info that you need to make sure you have a great trip…at least as far as your feet are concerned!

Trying to Find the Best Pocket Knif...

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know I enjoy many outdoor activities, but especially fishing and camping. These activities require many cutting tasks and this means that I require a high quality pocket knife. I recently lost my favorite pocket knife when I dropped it overboard and the manufacturer no longer makes this model. This has meant that I had to search for the very best pocket knife that I can afford.

My Knife Requirements
The most important features that I require in a pocket knife are a very high quality blade and top-quality construction. I also appreciate a blade that is easy to deploy and has a very secure locking mechanism. The blade must be very high quality steel that holds an edge well, is easy to sharpen and remains sharp under heavy use. It must also be highly corrosion resistant because I do most of my fishing in salt water, which creates rust on almost any steel blade. Aside from these features I also look for quality handle material, lightweight construction, grip comfort and (relatively) low cost. This might seem like an impossible feature list to satisfy, and in some ways it is. In the end I did have to compromise slightly on some of these features when I bought my new knife.

My Choice
I spent a lot of time reading knife reviews and watching videos of the latest high-tech pocket knives. I also checked out as many of the new models as I could at my local hunting and fishing store. There is a big difference between reading a review online and actually holding the knife for yourself. That being said, there are some great websites dedicated to helping consumers find the best pocket knives. I found to be very informative and their pocket knife comparison chart helped me make my final decision. I ended up choosing the Griptilian from Benchmade because it is a quality knife from a quality manufacturer. However, it was slightly out of my budget and a little more than I wanted to pay.

First Month
I have owned my new knife for about a month now and I don’t regret my decision for one minute. I’m actually quite glad that I decided to spend a little bit more than I would’ve liked on a really high quality pocket knife. The blade is superb and the build quality of this knife is just what you would expect from a high quality knife manufacturer like Benchmade. I have found that it will cut through almost anything and the blade stays super sharp. I have used it in the saltwater twice and I haven’t noticed any corrosion issues (although I always wash my knives in freshwater after a fishing trip). If you are on the lookout for a new knife then I highly recommend that you check out the Benchmade Griptilian. I’ll can’t wait to find out if this performance holds up over time.

Choosing a new knife has taught me a few valuable lessons. The first of these is that modern knife technology has come a long way. The second is that it is better to pay a little bit extra for a high quality knife. I hope to have my Griptilian for a long time, and hopefully it won’t get dropped overboard anytime soon!

How Eco-Friendly Are New Suspension Systems?

How Eco-Friendly Are New Suspension...

With the rapid advancement in truck, car and SUV suspension systems we thought that it would be a good idea to have a look at how eco-friendly they are.

The normal, tradition systems were notorious for causing a loss of energy. The coil springs were pushed together when a vehicle went over bumps in the road for instance and the damper absorbed this energy and prevented the vehicle from going up and down – basically stabilizing it. The problem was that this damper caused a loss of energy anywhere between 5-15%.

For an environmental perspective this was a huge loss and while the suspension system isn’t directly contributing to negative environmental effects it is indirectly causing more fuel and energy to be used in an inefficient manner.

For years this was the norm for most vehicles except heavy duty trucks that were designed to carry large loads. However recently a new wave of suspension systems and truck leveling kits has been released of which the MaxTrac Suspension is just one of them.

These are designed in a way to both offer effective suspension in addition to cutting down on this energy loss that we spoke of above.

In many ways the new methods of providing suspension are much more energy efficient and therefore eco-friendly. For a start they absorb shocks better and there is no ‘recoil’ from the springs (as there aren’t any) so most of the 5-15% of energy that is usually lost is retained. Furthermore the air systems are much more flexible so they can adapt to different situations. While for normal bumps and shock absorption the coil springs wouldn’t usually lose up to 15% however of energy if they were carrying heavy loads or sustained abnormal shocks then they would.

This is one of the main differences; the air systems and the new methods of suspension especially in trucks and SUV’s can react much better to different scenarios. This means that they conserve energy more efficiently regardless of the situation.

There has been a massive push to make the automotive industry much more eco-friendly and greener in recent years. It is a move that we have welcomed and we are always excited to see new environmentally friendly products on the market that can help to reduce carbon emissions either by direct or indirect means.

Suspension is just one area where this is effective. While the new suspension systems like the ones that we have mentioned in this article are well on the way to achieving maximum energy efficiency while on the road, we feel that there is still quite some way to go in most cases.

That being said there needs to be a balance between energy efficiency and focusing on the environment when compared to performance and one can’t start impacting on the other. Hopefully manufacturers will start to see the potential in combining the two and in the next 5 years we estimate that a lot of new eco-friendly and environmentally conscious suspension systems will be released onto the general market.

Why I Chose to Live in the Greater ...

I have been working as a chiropractor in the Greater Toronto countryside for more than a decade now. Although I received my training in the city, I immediately moved to the country after finishing my studies. This is because I’ve always loved country life more than city life. Unlike city life, country life is much slower and relaxed. It also helps that my schedule isn’t as hectic in the country. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I’m earning much less here. I’m actually doing very well in terms of finances. Living in the country is great – no matter what kind of work you do, you would really do well to consider moving to the country.

There are many reasons why I love living in the country. One of them is, as I said earlier, the fact that my work schedule isn’t packed here. I have 8-hour workdays here in the country. If I were still living in the city, I’d probably be working around 12 hours a day. Also, another great thing about working as a chiropractor here in the country is that the cases I handle here tend to be less severe than the cases I used to handle in the city. If you are chiropractor who wants a relaxed lifestyle that pays well, you really should move to the country.

Aside from spending less time at work, another perk of living here in the country is that I get to concentrate on my hobbies more. One of my hobbies happens to be home improvement. My family has a couple of properties here in the country and every now and then, I work on them. Just last week, I contacted a Toronto mold removal company to deal with the mold in my grandmother’s house. I wanted fix some of its rooms but the house had too much mold. Not only was it unhealthy, it also prevented me from doing much needed work – disturbing mold causes it to spread, after all. Thankfully, the mold removal contractors I hired were really efficient.

Of course, the most important perk that comes with living in the country is that I get to spend more time with my family. Since my schedule here isn’t hectic, I also spend much of my time taking care of my daughters. Also, my wife and I are able to regularly go out because we’re not that busy here. It really helps keep our relationship healthy. Considering all of these these things, I can definitely say that I would have a much less satisfying family life if I were still living in the city.

Hopefully, what I have written here will make you look into moving to the country. Country life might not be for everyone, but for most people, it definitely proves to be better than city life. Whatever the case may be, what is important is you really look into the pros and cons of moving to the country. If you think that there are more pros than cons for you with regard to moving to the country, then by all means do so! I assure you, you won’t regret moving to the Greater Toronto countryside.